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Discover a new digital way to manage your daily activities.

Our monitoring system makes this work easier and cost-effective, by optimizing logistics flows for a smart and smooth waste management.

Real-time positions

Status and working conditions

Fullness level

Service and Maintenance status

Plan Maintenance Calendar

Smart Notification

What R4 Monitoring System can do for you

An eye always open to increase your efficiency.

With R4 Monitoring system you will control all workflows, improving the efficiency of your business and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Cut costs with cutting edge technology

Save on managing your logistics by avoiding unnecessary travel and planning every move in advance.

Look ahead and be prepared

Increase your customer's satisfaction with an always-working machines fleet. The collection of data on each machine will allow you to plan fleet maintenance in advance, avoiding important machine failures that can affect your clients.

Customer needs at the core of your strategy

The R4 Monitoring system will collect all the necessary data to efficiently plan pickups routes, making sure that the schedules agreed with your customers are respected

Learn from the past for a better future

The data collected by R4 Monitoring helps you defining new ways to efficiently run your business. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, R4 Monitoring system analyzes your data, improving your business and creating a rating of your customers.

Take a green step

A value you can't buy: respect for the environment. Give a green footprint to your company, meeting the requirements of new environmental regulations.

Here's why you should get a monitoring system


R4 Monitoring System
  • EFFICIENCY Without a technological solution to monitor your business, delays and failures can occur, which negatively affect your business.
  • COST SAVING Extra costs for unnecessary travels to pick-up machines that are not completely full.
  • MAINTENANCE Without a real-time state of health of your plants, you have to spend resources to find and repair them, affecting your clients' business.
  • CUSTOMERS You will be stuck in everyday operations, without the possibilities of new opportunities provided by technology.
  • ENVIRONMENT Unnecessary travel means extra CO2 emissions, harmful for our environment and for the image of the company.
How the system works

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