R4M Platform

R4M Platform

1. Login

Here, in the login page, the customer must enter the credentials, which were supplied to him at the time of registration.

R4M login page

2. Dashboard

Here is the first page after logging in: R4M dashboard

The interface is structured as follows:
A. MACHINE FLEET: The entire machine fleet, related machine and equipment are displayed on the left side together with machine serial numbers. The user will be able to customize the icons related to alerts and notifications by choosing the ones available.
B. MAP: Discover the exact location of the machinery on the map. By selecting a specific machine, its position will be highlighted. Otherwise, the entire fleet wil be visible on the map.

C. LEGEND: The user will be able to view the entire table of symbols and explanations by clicking on the question mark icon.

D. PROFILE: On the top right of the screen the user can access the personal profile area, device list and notifications area.

2.1 Notifications

In the right top corner , the customer can access the personal notification area. Here all notifications on the status of the compactors are saved.

R4M notifications

2.2 Personal area

The customer can access on the personal area by clicking where indicated.
Here there is the indication of the client
s credentials and the history of connected devices.

R4M personal area

3. Device list

Navigate and explore the entire machine fleet displayed on the left side of the dashboard.


The user can select each machine on the list and have instant access to several insights:

  1. Machine and monitoring system serial number (customizable).
  2. Last updates and detected location of the system.
  3. Road directions, distance and estimated time of arrival
  4. Alerts
  5. Alarms and notifications settings page5image5547312

R4M device list


Get road directions, distance from the headquarter and estimated time of arrival in real time from Google Maps for every machine.


Clicking on “Road Direction”, the best route will be displayed and highlighted on the map.



Access and modify alarms and notifications preferences:

R4M system preferences
A. Set up mail and message notification preferences related to several alarms such as Power, Engine, 75%-100% Load, General failure, System Overheated, Piston Failure.

B. Edit device name.

C. Possibility to create a specific note indicating the date, type of intervention and a brief description.

D. By clicking the dedicated icon, the historical event log will be displayed.

R4M historical events

6. Legend

Click this icon to view the legend. page8image5339584

R4M legend 1

R4M legend 0




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