R4-L1 installation manual

R4-L1 installation manual

1. Device overview

The R4 Monitoring system offers several functionalities which provide many different solutions for the waste disposal.

R4-L1 is a digital input board with modem GPS/GSM.

R4-L1 monitoring system for compactors


2. Technical features

2.1 Plastic fixing case

90.2×106.4×32.2 mm (6 din modules), The 2 mm thick plate casing allows easy mounting on panels by anchoring DIN support rails. To remove the casing, it is sufficient to release the plastic from the bar by pulling down the fixing hook that protrudes at the bottom.

2.2 Modem GPS/GPRS

The modem is attached to the top of the board from which it receives power. The telephone SIM card is already included/installed in order to allow data communication.

Main characteristics:

  • Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GPRS multi-slot class 12/10
  • GPRS mobile station class
  • Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+ (class 4 (2W@850/900MHz); class 1 (1W @ 1800/1900MHz)
  • Receiver type (22 tracking /66 acquisition – channel; GPS L1 C/A code) – Sensivity (Tracking: -165 dBm; Cold starts: -147 dBm)
  • Time-to-first-fix (Cold starts: 30s (typ.);
  • Hot starts: 1s (typ.); Warm starts: 28s (typ)
  • Accuracy(Horizontalposition:<2.5mCEP)

2.3 Data acquisition and processing board.

The data acquisition board can receive up to 6 5-24 Vac / Vdc digital signals and 4 analog signals. At the bottom of the board there is a settable and programmable button according to the specific requests; alongside there is a LED used as an operating indicator.

3 Board schematics

3.1 Board Characteristics

R4-L1 board charatecteristics

3.2 Schematicspage5image28700864page5image28696832page5image28693760page5image28702976page5image22286816

4. Mechanical installation

It is possible to install the data acquisition board on a DIN rail using a special container. In this way, no changes are needed on the panel in which you install the device.


R4-L1 dimension

4.1 Compatible Antenna

For a correct use of the board, it is recommended to utilize an antenna designed for indoor or outdoor use. The fixing is very simple: the extreme SMA male of the antenna cable must be firmly screwed to the SMA female anchor screw placed on the right side of the plastic. Be careful to screw the GPS antenna and the GSM antenna to the correct anchor screw as indicated on the label.

R4-L1 antenna specs




R4-L1 antenna

5 Machine application

5.1 Signals detected

To obtain specific information about input and output signals which the board can manage, please refer to the file attached to the specific board used.

5.2 GSM / GPRS modem setting

The modem already includes a telephone SIM card.LEDs in the upper part provide indications regarding the operation status of GPS and GSM signals, specifically:the GSM STATUS indicator consists of a green LED. A rapid flash indicates that a GPRS type communication is active while a slow one indicates that the GSM signal is active.the GPS STATUS indicator consists of a blue LED. A flash indicates that the GPS signal has hooked up the communication satellites. If the LED is off, there is not enough data to establish a GPS position.

6. Installation

If you have bougth the additional service, you have received a pre-assembled monitoring system, based on the electrical schematics available. The technician who will perform the installation of the R4-L1 on the compactor, has to cable the multi-wire brown cable directly on the electric box of the compactor following the table provided together with the device and connect the antenna to the R4-L1.

7. Cabling

  1. Place the plastic fixing case in a protected/safe area.
  2. Following the table at chapter to cable the R4-L1 brown cable to the compactor electrical box.
  3. Antenna should be positioned in a favorable place for best signal.
  4. Insert the antenna cables into the monitoring system case passing through opening and successively connect the GSM connectors (purple) to input 41 and GPS connectors (blue) to input 42.
  5. Connect monitoring prearranged cable.
  6. After installing the antenna, remove the labels that stick out from the battery.

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