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R4 Monitoring for hooklifts

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The R4-L3 system, is an innovative device for remote monitoring of hooflifts and skiploaders. It works with any hooklift/skiploader from any manufacturer that has outputs to get the status information. Upon request, special firmware version can be prepared to integrate directly the hooklift/skiploader protocol.

Monitoring becomes fundamental as a remote control tool for improving work performance and for optimizing production efficiency.
In particular, the R4 system, whose heart is made up of a data acquisition and processing card with installed a GSM / GPRS + GPS modem and a GPS / GSM antenna, is a device applicable to the work plant and remotely controlled through R4 Monitoring, the management system directly from your PC, tablet or smart phone.


Depending on your skiploader, R4-L3 provides you the following information:

  • System activated/deactivated
  • Working hours
  • Emergencies
  • Faults
  • Pressure levels (by installing up to 2 transducers, not included)


The device consists of the following elements:

  • Plastic fixing case (6 din modules). The 2 mm thick plate casing allows easy mounting on panels of electrical panels by anchoring them on DIN support rails.
  • Data acquisition and processing card. The data acquisition card can receive up to 6 5-24 Vac / Vdc digital signals and 4 analog signals. At the bottom of the card there is a settable and programmable button according to the specific requests; next to this there is an LED used as an operating indicator.
  • Electronic card with GPS / GPRS modem for sending and receiving data. The modem is attached to the top of the card from which it receives power. The telephone SIM card must be positioned in the appropriate slot to allow data communication.


The R4 monitoring system is installed directly on the machine, providing the customer with credentials to access and control the chosen system.

The monitoring system communicates via a SIM card and uses the Internet to transfer and communicate data at any time.


Self-installation kit with specific manual available in our support area. (Contact us for Professional installation options/fees).

Need an ACM-01 platform license.
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