R4 Tag for assets


Monitoring becomes fundamental as a remote control tool for improving work performance and for optimizing production efficiency.

From R4 Monitoring web platform, once you get the access credentials, it will be possible to identify the tracked location of all containers equipe with our R4 RFID tags.

How it works

Apply the R4 RFID Tag to the container and use a smartphone with NFC technology to activate it.

You can also notify from your smartphone whether the container has been loaded ordumped.

On R4 Monitoring web platform you will see the last recorded position of the container and its filling level.


  • Put the RFID tag on the container.
  • Place the smartphone near or on the RFID tag
  • For the first access: when you open the web page, put your credentials to login
  • Use: wait for the data to load and select your operation (Download/Load of waste material)
  • The operator will be able to see on the web platform the location of the selected container and driving directions to reach it.


Self-installation kit.

Need an ACT-01 platform license.