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Join the digital revolution with our product suite. Surprise your clients with unbelievable services.
Our monitoring helps you to take control of your business and your clients to optimize logistics flows for a smart and smooth waste management.

Boost your business and get new clients.

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We know your job

We have 30 years of experience in the sector, we know perfectly how the maintenance of waste management machines works and we know how many difficulties you face every day. This is why we have created a product to simplify your work.

Get rid of the competition

The digital revolution is approaching everything, even our market. Being among the first to exploit it will give you a huge competitive advantage over your competitors.

Take control of everything

How many times have you had to intervene on a customer's system without having enough information to understand the problem or to certify the quality of your work? Our system monitors the machines in real time and creates a digital archive which let you, at any time, consult everything that has happened to each individual machine.

Quality of service is the key

Offering a fast and quality service to your customers is the key to establishing yourself in an increasingly competitive market. our system helps you improve your effectiveness and make your customers more satisfied.

Plan maintenance calendar

Managing the maintenance plan of all assets is increasingly complex. Our system gives you the possibility to create new methods: based on the real engine’s working hours rather than maintenance on customer request directly from the portal, predictive maintenance, etc.

How the system works

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